How LGBTQ+ Folks Are Coping With Prejudice

coping mechanisms eden prairie

What it must be like if you identify yourself within this iconic acronym. Of course, if you do, you may already be able to, quite literally, tell the story of your lives. But also note that there are still too many of you who are not coping very well right now for numerous reasons, most of which have to do with prejudice. This is perhaps why you are here now. It is a link to providing you with a checklist of coping mechanisms eden prairie locals might be needing right now.

Because to be quite honest with you, generally speaking, life has never been as easy as it has generally been for what you would usually refer to as cisgender men and women, otherwise referred to as being straight. Straight as an arrow. As if to suggest that you are bent. That there is something wrong with you. It turns out that it is nothing of the kind. It has been proven, scientifically, biologically and of course, psychologically.

And haven’t religious fundamentalists attempted to throw the proverbial book at you? Had they read their spiritual and historical texts from cover to cover, studiously and with an open heart, never mind an open mind, and taken what has been written in its proper context, they would be treating you a lot differently, wouldn’t they? But never mind them. Let’s just get on with the business of helping you to cope.

As a lesbian woman who may have had to deal with physical and/or emotional abuse from your male peers. As a gay gentleman who continues to face ridicule. As bisexual folks who continue to be judged from all angles. As a beautiful transgendered woman who appreciates life a lot more than others…

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